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Moving overseas, down-scaling, or decluttering and looking for long-term storage solution? Metro Movers offers a unique assisted storage solution for customer who wants to store items for the long haul.


What is assisted storage?

Similarly, to traditional storage facilities, assisted storage units are rented on a monthly basis. Your items are packed into boxes which are neatly stacked on top of each other at our secure, indoor storage facility. When you need access to your box, simply notify us, schedule a time and we will have your box ready for you.

If you are still unsure whether an assisted storage unit will work for you, give us a call on: 021 788 1713

Box Sizes

Small Box

Length: 2.9m

Height: 2.08m

Width: 1.48m


Total: 6.4m³

Similar to a fifth of a standard garage.

Large Box

Length: 2.44m

Height: 2.4m

Width: 1.82m


Total: 10.6m³

Similar to a third of a standard garage.

The benefits of assisted storage

Easy access

When you want to access you unit, simply call the office, and schedule a convenient time.


Long Term storage solution

Assisted storage is ideal for clients who do not need regular access to their units.


More affordable

Our Assisted Storage system allows us to keep the overheads low as well as our prices.



Our boxes are stored in a secure indoor facility with 24-hour armed response, and access-control.


Pest Control

To avoid costly pest infections, our storage facility is fumigated on a regular basis.


Effortless moving

We pack, we collect, and we store.

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