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  • Nadia Baadjies

A Checklist to help you prepare, for the night before moving day

As a moving company, with vast experience and expertise in a diverse range of moves, we know better than anyone how exhausting, stressful and overwhelming moving homes or offices can be.

The night before any big event is usually restless, even more so if it’s a day before a big move. To help you avoid all that tossing and turning, stressing over what you may or may not have forgotten to pack, we’ve created a checklist for you.

Here is a list of some useful tips to assist you the night before your move:

  • Check everything with your moving company. Confirm times and all the final details for moving day.

  • Pack your remaining belongings and all the little things. It is so easy to overlook the small stuff, such as your TV remote, etc. Do a walk-through to ensure you have not forgotten anything.

  • Disconnect all your electronics and dissemble your furniture. This will ensure fewer things for you to do on the actual moving day, saving you time and energy.

  • Put together an essentials kit. This may include a first aid kit, sunscreen, hats (if it is a hot day), a charger or charging block, and anything else of importance you may require.

  • Ensure you prepare snacks and refreshments for moving day. The day of a big move is usually very busy, staying hydrated and fueled up on a moving day ensures a smooth move.

  • Make sure you have everything for your new house or office space, such as keys and directions.

  • Organize your boxes for loading. It is a good idea to label boxes, as well as arrange the boxes per room, and within easy access for the movers.

  • Get a good night’s rest! Make sure to get a full and good night’s rest, as it is one of the best ways to help prepare for all the hustle and bustle of a big move.

Ready to make that move? Check!

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