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  • Nadia Baadjies

Moving into 2023 like a pro

The beginning of every year is usually filled with a lot of change and transition, this is even more true if you are moving homes or office spaces this new year.

On top of worrying about back to work, back to school, and all the stress that comes with new year’s resolutions, moving during this time can be extremely hectic. No need to stress however, Metro Movers has you covered with simple tips to make your move, a quick and easy one.

1. Declutter beforehand

Packing can be an exhausting and tedious task, to make the process easier for yourself, declutter. Separate your belongings into separate piles, one pile for the items you are going to keep, and another pile of items you no longer use or need, and which you can throw away, recycle or donate. Decluttering not only saves you time packing but also ensures that there is more space for items you want to keep, on the moving truck.

2. Budget accordingly

As Janu-worry is upon us it is of paramount importance to allocate an appropriate budget to your move. By setting a clear budget, you know exactly how much you have available to spend on things such as moving company costs, packing materials, moving supplies, as well as any unexpected moving costs that may arise, etc.

3. Stay organized and plan ahead

As January comes with its own set of stresses and chaos, planning your move beforehand can help you save time, money, and hours of feeling overwhelmed.

4. Research professional moving companies near you

One of the most difficult parts of any move is finding a reliable and professional moving company that won’t break the bank. Lucky for you Metro Movers is quick, affordable, and professional, ensuring your move is a smooth one.

Book a move with Metro Movers today, and receive 10% off all moves till the end of January 2023. Call us at 021 788 1713 for an obligation-free quote!

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