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  • Nadia Baadjies

“Out of Office”

Tips for when moving office spaces

Moving offices can be stressful and time-consuming, however, there are various moving tips to ensure your business can transition into a new space with ease. An effective tip to assist you and your co-workers when moving is to create a moving checklist.

When formulating the moving checklist for the office, consider the following tips:

1. Plan the office relocation/moving well in advance.

‘’Winging it” when it comes to moving office spaces, just won’t work. You should have a robust plan in place, detailing who will be doing what, how they’ll be doing it, and when it will be done, this is to avoid scrambling at the last minute.

2. Inform your employees about the move

As change can be unsettling, it is vital to communicate with employees about the office relocation to ensure that they are kept up to date about all schedules and plans.

3. Assign a moving manager

Although the work may be divided up, it proves very useful to assign a moving manager to be in charge of overseeing the move, as well as assigning different responsibilities to different individuals, to ensure that things are progressing.

4. Organise and label everything

Make sure to check all stock, furniture, etc before relocating ensuring that everything is correct and labelled accordingly. This will make it easier to find and keep track of everything when you’re moved into your new space.

5. Declutter and deep clean your office space before moving

Do not move with items that are no longer needed, dispose of any old furniture, equipment, documentation, supplies, etc that is no longer of use. And ensure that your office is clean and tidy before moving out.

6. Hire a professional moving company

To facilitate a smooth, moving process, research and hire a professional and reliable moving company that will be on time and within budget, such as Metro Movers, whose resources, efficiency, and expertise will ensure your move goes smoothly and successfully.

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