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The Art of Packing

So, you have signed the papers for your new place, you have booked the moving company but now you need to start packing. It does not matter whether you are moving overseas or just down the road, these packing hacks can save time, prevent breakage and minimize stress.

Start early!

We often get frantic phone calls from customers on the day of the move, saying they ended up with much more boxes than they originally booked. Metro Movers General Manager, Brett Gallinetti suggests that you set a timer and pack for at least an hour every day, avoiding leaving everything for the night before.

Finding quality boxes

It might be easy to take a trip to your local grocery store to collect boxes but moving boxes are relatively inexpensive and are usually more durable. The last thing you want is boxes falling apart on your move day. Contact your local moving company and invest in decent quality boxes.

Use wool or string when taping your boxes

This is one of those life changing hacks that will make your life much easier when unpacking on the other side. Simply place a piece of wool or string between the two flaps when closing the box. Be sure to leave a bit of excess on the sides and tape over the box as you usually would, leaving a bit of string exposed.

When opening your boxes, simply pull the string and it will cut through the tape effortlessly. Check our a video HERE

Spread the load

While it might be logical to group similar items in one box, it could leave you with boxes too heavy to pick up. Or worse, a box that breaks open at the bottom when you do manage to pick it up.

Combine heavy items and lighter items in each box, try not to pack more than 20 kilograms in one box. To keep objects from shifting around during the transfer, fill any empty spaces with packing paper, clothes, or foam peanuts.

Create an Inventory list

A moving checklist is something we're all acquainted with, but have you ever made a packing inventory list? This extra step may seem hard work as you begin your move but can be very handy once you start unloading boxes in your new place. As you pack, assign a number to each box and write the relevant number and a brief description of the item or what's inside the box on your list. When it's time to unload, you can check your list and send the boxes to the right place without opening it first.

Tightly seal liquids

If you don't want your toiletries or cleaning products to spill while in transportation, open all the bottles and cover the opening with plastic wrap before replacing the lid. This should assist to keep any liquids inside from spilling out.

Use specialty packaging where possible

If you have a flat screen TV but haven’t kept the original packaging, you can order TV moving boxes from your moving company. These boxes will keep your flat screen TV safe and make it a lot easier to transport.

We hope that these moving tips will make your life much easier!

Contact Metro Movers for a no obligation quote on boxes, our packing services and managing your move.

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