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Things to consider when downscaling

With the growing popularity of TV shows such as Tiny House Nation, Container Homes and Tiny House Big Living, the interest in minimalist-living space has exploded. However, when it comes to fitting your 4 bedroom home into a 2 bedroom townhouse complex, its no longer fun and games

Here is some useful advice if you are considering moving to a smaller place.

The positives of moving to a smaller place

Lock up and go

The concept of ‘Lock-up-and-go’ has become more and more popular with the increase platforms such as Airbnb and People now truly see the the benefits of low maintenance, secure properties that offers its owners flexibility of coming and going.


One of the major benefits of living in a gated complex or an apartment is the extra sense of security you get from security guards, access control and just having a community around you.

Financial Benefits

Downsizing is an opportunity for considerable cost savings on things such as a maintenance, electricity, water, garden services, swimming pool and other municipal tariffs, rates and taxes.

The things holding you back

Making the decision of what stays and what goes.

Solution: Why not consider storing some of your items, this way you don’t have to get rid of anything and you can occasionally swop items around keeping things fresh in your new home.

The actual move

Solution: Start early! Go through your home, room by room and decide what needs to go with and what needs to be sold/donated or just given to a friend. Then get a moving company such as Metro Movers to help you pack/move/store you things. By getting a moving expert in you avoid the common moving day stress and a whole lot of effort.

Difficult to entertain

Solution: Whether it was for finances or lifestyle, you will have to occasionally remind yourself why you made the move. Keeping a big house for the benefit of other people doesn't necessarily make financial sense. If you are someone who likes entertaining guests, choose a place that has a large lounge or outdoor area that you can use for entertaining.

Considering Downscaling?

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