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Things to consider when moving with pets

Moving to a new home can be an exciting but stressful experience for both humans and pets. To make your move with your furry friends smooth and easy, we have listed a few tips to assist.

Plan your move in advance

Start early and create a moving plan that includes provisions for your pets. Research pet-friendly accommodations if needed and update their identification tags with your new contact information.

Visit the Vet

Schedule a visit to the vet prior to your move. Ensure your pets are up to date on vaccinations and obtain any necessary paperwork or medications needed for the transition.

Stick to your routine

Animals thrive on routine, so try to maintain their regular feeding, playtime, and exercise schedule as much as possible during the move. Keeping familiar routines will help them feel secure in an otherwise chaotic time.

Secure a Safe Space

Designate a quiet, secure area for your pets during packing and moving. This will help reduce their stress levels and ensure they don't escape or get injured.

5. Use Familiar Items: Place your pet's favorite toys, blankets, and bedding in their carriers or crates during transit. Familiar scents can provide comfort and reassurance.

Keep Them Away from the hustle and bustle

On moving day, it's best to keep your pets in a separate room or with a trusted friend or family member. This will prevent them from getting underfoot or accidentally escaping.

Slowly introduce them to the new space

When you arrive at your new home, introduce your pets to the new environment gradually. Start by confining them to a specific area and gradually allow them more access as they adjust.

Give Them Extra Attention

During and after the move, provide your pets with extra love, attention, and reassurance. Spend quality time with them to alleviate any anxiety they may be experiencing.

It is of paramount importance to keep in mind that all pets are different and their reactions to the move may differ. Make sure you’re extra patient and handle your fur babies with extra care and attention.

Moving with pets can be challenging, but with proper planning and care, you can help them transition successfully to their new home.

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