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10 Important Things to Do When Moving into a New Home

Often we consider the packing and unpacking to be the only major things standing in the way of being fully settled into a new place. However, there is quite a few things to consider, plan and do to ensure that your new house, soon becomes your home.

Naturally, you already have a lot to arrange, so we have created this short list of things to do when preparing for your move:

1. Request a walk through

Ideally you should walk through the empty house before moving in. This will give you an indication of what will fit where and will also help when the furniture is placed close to the area you would like to place them.

2. Check the globes

Check all lights and fittings to get replacement globes where necessary. This will ensure that you are not caught in the dark.

3. Child/pet proof

If you have little kids (even furry kids) you will need to make sure that the areas are safe until you are all settled in and everyone is used to their new surroundings.

4. Figure Out What’s Going Where

You will save yourself a lot of time and trouble when moving into a new home if you make a plan of attack for setting everything up instead of just winging it. This is particularly true for large and heavy items like furniture.

5. Make Sure That Your Utilities Are Set Up

Hopefully you took care of arranging for your utilities to be ready for you before moving into your new home. On moving day, make sure that your electric, gas, water, heating and cooling, phone, and internet are set up.

6. Locate the Fuse Box and Water Valve

The fuse box and water valve are two things that you don’t want to end up looking for when you really need them.

7. Do a Deep Clean

The last thing you probably want to do after going through the moving process is clean your new home from top to bottom, but right after moving is the best time to do it.

8. Prioritize Repairs

Unless you are moving into a new home that didn’t have any previous owners, chances are you’re going to have some repair projects.

9. Change Your Locks

It is always good practice to change the locks on your new home. Even if you’re not concerned about the previous owner, you never know who might have a key.

10. Change Your Address

You may have already set up a change of address, but if you haven’t yet then now is the time.

Moving into a new home is a bit overwhelming, but following the ten steps listed above can help make the transition a bit more seamless.

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